Fullerene materials constitute a new phase of carbon with distinctly different phase transitions and electronic properties.

Fullerenes are semiconductors that are soluble in nonpolar solvents and chemically behave like organic molecules.

We discovered that non-transition metal clusters have great potential as rechargeable Mg battery cathodes. Fullerene (C60), one of the prototype materials, was discharged and recharged with remarkable rate capability. This unique rate performance is attributed to its capability to delocalize electrons on the entire cluster rather than to individual atom..

Novel and high-performance anode materials based on modified fullerene materials, for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries were developed.

(*) Figure 1: Fullerenes: Non-transition Metal Cluster For Rechargeable Magnesium Battery Cathode. Autors: Ruigang Zhang, Fuminori Mizuno and Chen Ling.