C70 SOL5070

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Used as primary starting material to make Fullerene derivatives. Used in the fields of organic semiconductors and solar cells. Also available with very low combined volatile content of >50 ppm for bio compatible applications (SOL5070X).

Buckminster Fullerene C70


Price subject to change without prior notice

Products for Research and Development. Laboratory use only

Grade: 99.0%

Product Code: SOL5070A Applications: Synthesis, Reagent grade, Electronics

C70 Synthetic Purity grade, solvent free.*

1g 269$ USD
2g 529$ USD
3g 749$ USD
5g 1195$ USD
10g 2295$ USD

Grade: 99.0%, Solvent free

Product Code: SOL5070X Applications: Electronics, Bio medical R&D

C70 Highly Pure grade, solvent free.*

1g 329$ USD
2g 599$ USD
3g 895$ USD
5g 1395$ USD
10g 2595$ USD

Grade: 99.50%, Solvent free

Product Code: SOL5070W Applications: Electronics, standards, Bio medical R&D

C70 Very High Purity grade, solvent free. Our purest C70 available.*

500mg 349$ USD
1g 595$ USD
2g 1149$ USD

* Please note that some grades or quantities may be back order

MSDS-SOL5070 (Fullerene C70)

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Chemical Name:
Color and Texture:
Molecular Weight:
Absorption, λmax (Media):


Emission, λmax (Media): #######
HOMO (eV):
LUMO (eV):
Melting point (°C):
Solubility (Solvent):

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