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CAS: 1333317-99-9 

Polymer for optoelectronic applications. Hole transport material for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and Perovskites. Amorphous p-type polymer semiconductor. Four grades are available. Custom Mw and pdi available. Fluoro-PTAA is also available.

Choose between:

Low Mw: 5 – 20 kDa  (SOL2426L) 

Medium Mw: 20 – 75 kDa  (SOL2426M) 

High Mw: 75 – 200 kDa (SOL2426H) 

Ultra-High Mw: 200 – 500 kDa (SOL2426UH) 


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Acronyms: PTAA
Chemical Name: Poly[bis(4-phenyl)(2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)amine] – Poly(triaryl amine)
CAS# 1333317-99-9
Color and Texture: Solid powder
Molecular Weight: N/A
Absorption, λmax (Media): N/A


Emission, λmax (Media): N/A
HOMO (eV): 5.25eV
LUMO (eV): 2.30eV
Melting point (°C): > 400 °C (> 752 °F)
Solubility (Solvent): Chlorobenzene, chloroform, dichlorobenzene and toluene

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