One of the most important points in SOLARIS CHEM is the Quality. This is why we always test our products to give our customers the maximum quality and also we gave the SERVICE TO TEST even to our competitors or other companies. Quality goes first.

Our instrumentation mixed with our knowledge drive to the best results.




  • a) HPLC analysis for samples that are all soluble in toluene (fullerite, C60, C70, etc).
  • b) HPLC analysis for samples that are not all soluble in toluene (ex: fullerene soot).
  • c) Determination of Fullerene content in an all soluble sample (not as singular components), ex fullerenes in oils,..
  • d) Fullerene Content (c) + HPLC.
  • e) Determination of Fullerene content in a not all soluble sample (ex fullerenes in soot).
  • f) Fullerene extraction (ex: from soot) + Fullerene Content (c) + HPLC.
  • g) Other HPLC analysis involving a development method. Pricing per project.

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